Upcomming Flashes

2008-04-06 18:27:46 by VoodooSFV

Corporate Avenger-A flash video for the corporate avenger song "Taxes Are Stealing"
Mario Quiz Max-The 3rd installment of the Mario quizes made by me
Street Fighter VSFV Episodes 3 & 4-The last two episodes of VSFV

Simple Animations(Movie)

2007-09-03 15:25:54 by VoodooSFV

I just finished my first ever REAL animation called Simple Animations, Its 3 short animations using sprites and handdrawn charictars, using different skills and 3d its really cool!

Audio Fix!

2007-08-29 20:14:31 by VoodooSFV

Im sorry to you all with my audio....i realize i put a werid effect on them and im am fixing them as we speak....

Mouser 1 by VoodooSFV and Insomina Alarm

2007-08-28 12:00:19 by VoodooSFV

Me and my homie are working on a game called mouser.....its a simple unoriginal game. But hey there will be a mini game if you beat it!

Voodoo SFV Invasions!

2007-08-27 20:11:47 by VoodooSFV

Whats up, Im voodoo SFV and im working so fucking hard with a lot of new projects im working on my first flash animations with sprites. A new game, simple "dont touch the walls", i love those games so im making one. Ive also been working on some audio. A few loops and i just finished my first beat called "Heartstopper" and i made "Heartstopper(Slurpee RMX)". Im mainly working on my audio and my new game. Im working damn hard to get some new ideas for games and im tring to get used to animation, so.....i guess thats it.


5 person collab!

2007-08-23 19:41:48 by VoodooSFV

me and two of my friends were gonna collabs then i found out that one of their friends doe sflash! do now were doing dot clicker 2 together. New levels, Custum Music, Harder backgrounds. Shit like that.

Game comming?

2007-08-22 17:13:20 by VoodooSFV

Im currently exsperimenting with creating a simple game for my first game. But im still gonna make it challenging. So ill see what i can do tomarrow!


2007-08-22 16:36:35 by VoodooSFV

I uploaded my second flash not too long ago, im happy with it, i think it will make it past the judgement, because this doesnt have any glitches. its really cool with a nice design! So i can only hope.


Next quiz

2007-08-22 14:54:50 by VoodooSFV

Im currently working on my new quiz. its a supe rmario world quiz. Its gonna be 10X better than my random Facts Quiz. I just started it so im happy ill be done by tomarrow, if not today.

My first quiz is uploaded

2007-08-22 14:13:01 by VoodooSFV

I just uploaded my first quiz and im working on a new one, That was my first ever flash and it was kind of a test for me. My next quiz will have more questions and more music. I hope people like it and i hope it passes judgement because its nto the best but i really like it for you first ever quiz!

My first quiz is uploaded